Who We Are


We are trans identifying people who love our community very much, and so we’re simply trying to give back. We can connect with your struggle and want to make this journey a little easier, especially for those in the community who have twice the battle to fight.

This is a way we hope we can help. 



William Alvites

Founder | Director

In high school, I identified as a lesbian. Although I never felt comfortable with term, it stuck because it was all I knew. It wasn't until college that I was introduced to the language of transgender, which sparked a moment of clarity in my identity. Identifying as a biracial, first generation, queer, transgender kid I definitely developed a strong cognizance of who I am and how I fit into this world. Because of the lack of representation and visibility of people of color in the transgender community and media, I couldn't see what my future would look like for a person like me.  I soon realized how lonely transitioning as a person of color can be.

Across Gender was born because I wanted to create a space in which people can look into other people's experiences, stories, and faces to validate and inform their own exploration of their identity, without forgetting their own experiences of themselves in the world. I dedicate this project to the vulnerable people in the transgender and gender nonconforming community who have always felt like outsiders. I hope this platform will create a space for you to never feel alone. We're in this together. 


Dunai Aparicio

Program Coordinator 

My name’s Dunai. I’m a trans Latina born to immigrant parents, and raised in the Bay Area. Surrounded by a diverse and accepting environment, coming out as transgender never felt as daunting to me but that did not make it any easier. I was raised on family values and instilled with a sense of self worth that have catapulted me to be a strong and driven person. I chose to align myself and grow Across Gender because I see potential in what it can become as a resource to POC trans youth. I’m currently pursuing a degree in Business Marketing.



Mitchell Tran

Program Coordinator

Growing up I knew my identity wasn’t like everyone else. I never felt like I “fit” in like the other kids. By knowing at such a young age who I was but not having a term to define myself became a huge challenge growing up. I’ve always presented myself as masculine and yearned to be mistaken as a boy because it was something I always felt natural about. Everything began to click when I started experimenting in high-school. At the time I was looking at videos on YouTube and watching Transgender people on talk-shows that showed me that I wasn’t alone on how I felt about my identity. After finding out this new found knowledge it allowed me to explore my identity and come out during a time when transgender people weren’t a hot topic in the media.

I started my medical transition with HRT in 2014 and went through: physical, mental, and emotional changes. Throughout the majority of my whole transition it was hard for me to have someone to relate with or look up to. It was in that moment that I realize being a person of color and someone who identifies differently from what they were assigned at birth wasn’t something that was often talked about. I knew something needed to change that allowed individuals like me who is a person of color and is a member of the LGBTQ+ community to have a space to talk about our stories.