Self-love as a trans-Latina


"Growing up in a neighborhood east of Los Angeles, CA, that was notorious for its prostitution, gangs, crimes, and drugs, I witnessed violence that surrounded the city because of the poverty rate. A city where few allocations of funds were made to jobs, education, and social services. A city that both my mother and aunty were making $6.00 per hour at an outlet Disney sewing factory.

Both my aunty and her female friend raised me, I knew that they were sexually/romantically attracted to each other. However, as a little kid I was attracted to boys. I remembered being super girly. I used to wear dresses, heals, and play make-up. All my girl mannerism were punished by getting physically, emotionally, and mentally abused by my mother. Even though, she is a lesbian. She had and still has internal internalized transphobia. I remembered that I yearned for her love, her compassion, and her will of loving me the way, I am. I grew feeling empty and lonely because she was not proud. All I wanted  is to be nutured and for her to embraced my preferred gender. I know she will never understand why her, "son," wanted to be  a girl. I got  kicked  out-of- the house at  age 18. Even  though, it was hard  to be  independent, I did it for myself love, self agency, and myself worth. Finally, I was freed and liberated because I didn't wanted to be abused anymore. I had agency to have self-determination. All  the pain, I endured by been raised by an abusive mother lead for my PTSD diagnoses.

Moving  forward, June of 2017, I publicly came out as a transgender latina.  Yes, I am a chapina (known as Guatemalans), I became liberated and for one's, I am living my authentic-self. In february 25th, I celebrated my 8months on estrogen; and I'm loving the way my body in both internally/externally is changing. My path as a trans-Latina is not linear and not fixed. I'm thriving. I'm the womxn, I always felt to be. I love make-up and I love, all genders. I'm here to empower others,and I'm here to be a leader. I'm a strong and resilient womxn. My future goals is to be admitted law school, and concentrate in health law. I'm hopeful for what the future awaits for me."




Across Gender