Growing up as transgender was not an easy thing for me. I always knew I was a boy inside but was not able to be myself. I grew up around a catholic family in Guam who were all against it. I moved away to Monterey, California 14 years later. I was new to the area so my social anxiety have gotten worse. I didn't know how comfortable I would be around my mom's family because they were also religious. It took me about 18 years to finally tell my mom that I am a transgender male. And luckily she accepted me for who I was. In school before I turned 18, I was an outsider. I did not fit in with anyone for maybe a year of my high school life. I always wore the same things, jeans, jackets, and sneakers. Nothing an average girl would wear. Until I graduated from high school, I finally just went with my gut and got rid of the fear of being myself. And that is what brings me here today almost a year on Testosterone and 2 months post-op top surgery. I can never be happier.

Across Gender