I'm a proud Non-Binary DJ


My name is Jibby Bond (aka DJ JiBBZ) and I’m a non-binary DJ! I live in Oakland, CA and want to raise awareness to the non-binary folx throughout the world.

Life hasn’t always been a walk in the park. I was adopted from El Salvador into a white family, and grew up in a Mormon house in Orange County, CA. Needless to say, it was quite an experience navigating my queer identity that I knew was in me in elementary school. 

I came out in my mid-twenties and then AGAIN a few years later as non-binary … which is a process in itself! I cannot express the comfort I felt when I would hear my friends refer to me as They/Them; it completely changed my life and I finally felt seen and heard.

Being in the nightlife & DJ industry has many gender-facing battles. It’s a cis-male dominated field and a daily fight to be seen as a “Queer DJ.” I’m thankful to play for so many queer parties around the country, and I hope to see more non-binary DJs on decks!



Across Gender