What type of clothing do we have and accept? 

Currently our clothing ranges from t-shirts, jeans, hoodies and sweaters, tops, shirts and blouses, and dresses. We accept any type of clothing along with accessories (backpacks, belts, hair accessories, scarves, and the like). If you do decide to donate any clothing and accessories, we politely ask they are in wearable condition and not heavily worn through. To donate clothing and/or accessories please let us know here. We thank you for your contribution. Across Gender, along with the individual(s) you are helping, deeply appreciate your donations. 


How much do we accept?

Because of our limited space, we only accept one box of 15in x 12in x 10in. Although, depending on how often we receive donations, this number may fluctuate. 




How fast do we reply?

Because we are a very small team, we try to contact you with a reply within 1-3 business days. As we grow, we hope we can better service you with faster communication. If you're interested in becoming part of our team, please apply here


Donations Receipts 


Do we provide tax deductible receipt  to account for the donation?

Unfortunately, because we are still a grassroots organization, we do not provide tax deductible receipt for the donation you provide us with. As we progress, we hope we can become a non-profit organization and provide you with this service. 




What type of food do we offer and accept?

Non-perishable items we offer and accept include, but are not limited to:

  • Canned meat/fish: SPAM, chunk light tuna
  • Canned fruit: mixed fruit, mandarin oranges, sliced peaches, pear halves, etc.
  • Canned vegetables: beets, diced potatoes, sweet potatoes, sliced carrots, corn, green beans, peas, tomatoes, etc.
  • Noodles: mac & cheese, Ramen noodles, Spaghetti-O’s, Chef Boyardee cheese/meat ravioli, Pastaroni
  • Beans: chili beans, pork and beans, black beans, pinto beans, refried beans
  • Canned soups (including Campbell’s, Progresso, Healthy Choice and more): vegetable, tomato, chicken noodle soup, French onion, cream of celery, vegetable beef, cream of mushroom, etc.
  • Breakfast items: oatmeal packets, cereal varieties
  • Rice: rice side dishes (Zatarain’s, Rice-a-Roni, Spanish rice, etc.)
  • Other non-perishable snacks: granola bars, power bars, trail mix, boxed drinks and juices

To donate non-perishable items, please contact us here




What type of toiletries do we offer and accept?

Toiletry items that we offer and accept include, but are not limited to:

  • Small bottles of bath essentials: Bathroom products such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and deodorant.
  • Hygiene essentials: Disposable razor, shaving gel, washcloth.

  • Dental hygiene essentials: Toothbrushes and toothpaste for normal and sensitive teeth, mouthwash and floss.

  • Pad and tampons: Pads and tampons for all scenarios and body types. 

To donate toiletry items, please contact us here