All About YOU(th)

Helping our gender-diverse youth move beyond the binary


Why focus on Trans and Gender variant youth?

According to Teaching Tolerance, gender-diverse kids face drastically increased rates of bullying, assault, depression, school drop-out, drug abuse, self-harm and suicide. A gender-diverse child’s best predictor of success is whether that child receives support at home, with their peers, and from their teachers. 

What is our goal?

Our goal is to implement projects to gender-diverse youth that serves to give them a chance to succeed with social support. We believe by accommodating  early intervention and preventative services we can reach this goal. 

Want to help?

We offer different ways to help. You can donate to keep projects like these available. If you're interested in helping us reach a greater audience, we offer partnership, leadership, and  volunteer opportunities. 



Youth Giveaways


What is this project? 

Youth, especially gender-variant youth, try more than the average person to be accepted and loved. This project offers our gender-variant youth the opportunity to receive basic transitional items to affirm their gender identity or explore a new one. Our gifts to you are simply for just being you. 

Why This project?

Discovering who you are is not easy, especially at a young and tender age. It becomes even more difficult when you don't have the support at home, so we're here to provide our gender-variant youth with that support. Your support system at Across Gender accepts and love you for all that you are. Read more about the youth we have helped here

How does this project work?

We offer one giveaway every three months. Our gifts are open to any gender-variant youth between the ages of 13 and 21 residing in the United States. There is no need to apply more than once. Priority goes to youth who are in immediate need. 





What is this project?

Because having social support is crucial, this project offers our gender-variant youth peer-to-peer support. Our "Meet-ups" gives our youth the opportunity to socialize with other youth in a safe space.  Our "Meet-up" services are available in-person or on an online platform. Find out more about our upcoming Meet-ups here

Why this project?

There is good evidence that social support plays an important role in mental and physical health. This project aims to offer a sense of belonging and increased sense of self-worth. But, ultimately, it is about reassuring our youth that they have a community of people who love, care, and value them just as they are. 

How does this project work?

We offer two ways of peer-to-peer social support, Meet-ups in person or online. Our Meet-ups in person will be held every three months around the Bay Area. Our Meet-ups online will be held every month on a conferencing app (i.e Google Hangout, Zoom). Check our events page to stay know about our upcoming dates, locations, time, and time duration.