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Empowering our trans and gender diverse community

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Want basic transition supplies?

Apply for our All About Youth Giveaway today!

We offer a variety of transitional items like binders, make-up, basic toiletries, and so much more.

This project offers our gender-variant youth the opportunity to receive basic transitional items to affirm their gender identity or explore a new one. Our gifts to you are simply for just being you.  

We offer one giveaway every three months, and this is our second to the last giveaway!. Our gifts are open to any gender-variant youth between the ages of 13 and 21 residing in the United States. Find out more about this project on our All About Youth project!



Our Projects

Projects set our actions and values in motion.


Trans(cending) Faces

Marginalized trans and gender variant people are disproportionately represented and without equal  visibility, we lose the opportunity to become exposed to a different type of trans narrative. This project provides a platform for trans and gender variant people of color an opportunity to tell their stories. 

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The Lighthouse

Because lighthouses provide the possibility of moving forward despite rough waters, we took this meaning to heart and created a project to do just that. This project provides basic necessities and resources to financially struggling people in our community. We hope to provide a sense of security during a time of adversity. 

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All About YOU(th)

Discovering who you are at a young and tender age is not easy. So we dedicate this project to trans and gender variant youth, who try more than the average person to be accepted and loved. 

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Our Meet-ups were created to take what we do online into the physical world and vice versa. We hope this outlet provides our community the opportunity to access peer-to-peer support in a safe and inclusive environment. Check out our events page for upcoming meet-ups. 

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We are more than just our trans identities. 

Take a look at our Tran(cending) Faces project. This project showcases the many faces of trans and gender variant people of color. 



Calling all trans and gender variant artists

Because Across Gender's t-shirts are running low in inventory, we've decided to use this as an opportunity to reaching out to trans and gender variant (TGV) artists who want to come up with Across Gender's next t-shirt design.


Across Gender not only loves giving a platform to our TGV community to promote themselves, but also their work! This is just another way we hope to support our community! 

Is this a one time thing?

Absolutely not! Each time our t-shirts run low, we plan on recruiting another artist to create our next t-shirt design. 


If you are an TGV artist interested in creating our next t-shirt design, just send us an application here or click below.